New residential neighborhood Westergouwe

It begins in ... Westergouwe

On the west side of Gouda, the new residential district Westergouwe is being built. An area development of approximately 200 hectares. After the successful sale of the first houses and apartments, construction started in 2015 and the neighborhood has been inhabited since 2016. Various central facilities have been realized and the nature area “the Green-Blue Zone” has been opened.



The neighborhood is rural with lots of water and greenery. Westergouwe is also easy to reach from the highways. The historic center of Gouda, with facilities such as secondary schools, a cinema and the train station, are easy to cycle to.

Westergouwe is characterized by the rich presence of water and greenery. There is a large pond and a central green zone right through the neighborhood. Spatially, the neighborhood is part of larger developments in the Zuidplaspolder. In the future, the area will change significantly. Northeast of the provincial road N207, the urban green area 't Weegje will be extended further to the east. On the southeast side is the existing recreational area IJsselweide. Immediately southwest of Westergouwe, 'the Green-Blue Zone' has been realized. A water-rich recreational area of approximately 45 hectares, with an ecological connecting zone along the south side between two larger nature reserves Bentwoud and Krimpenerwaard. To the northwest of the new district lies the Gouweknoop area and a little further away the new business park Gouwepark.

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A total of about 4,500 homes will be built in phases. Several central facilities have now been built, including a supermarket, a children's center, a veterinary clinic and a health center. The plan for Westergouwe distinguishes several residential areas. Each subarea will have its own identity, from urban environment to an area with a village or rural character.

Residential area I has been realized, residential area II is under construction and residential area III is on sale. Master Plan 2.0 has been made for the remaining part of Westergouwe, with the theme “future-proof and resilient”. This includes which social developments are relevant for the future of Westergouwe and which choices will be made. In the coming years, this Master Plan will be implemented in the development of the plans.  

Natuurgebied Westergouwe


Westergouwe is a sustainable neighborhood. This is not only reflected in the houses being built, but also in the public space; the collection of roads, green spaces and water in the neighborhood. Much is invested in a robust and sustainable water system and in ensuring a stable foundation. The aim is also to make homes more energy efficient and to generate at least 10% sustainable energy. For example, through the use of solar boilers and possibly solar panels or small CHP systems (Heat and Cold Storage). Each new phase of development takes into account the legal requirements for sustainability. The current market demand and new technological developments are taken into account.


Project organization

Westergouwe is being realized from a partnership between the municipality of Gouda and a combination of VolkerWessels Vastgoed and Heijmans Vastgoed. They have established the Westergouwe Project Office for the joint activities.