VolkerWessels Code of Conduct

How do we weave integrity into our daily actions? VolkerWessels' Code of Conduct answers this question. The Code of Conduct consists of the standards of conduct of VolkerWessels and fulfills a practical role in our day-to-day business operations, so that everyone in our group complies with the rules. We also require parties with whom we do business to comply with the VolkerWessels Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct was updated in 2021.

Regulation Confidential Line

VolkerWessels has a code of conduct that gives all employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors tools to act professionally and with integrity.

At VolkerWessels we strive for an environment free of discrimination and illegal or unethical actions. Colleagues, clients, subcontractors and/or suppliers who nevertheless suspect serious wrongdoing within our companies or our group can report it anonymously, regardless of their position and without consequences for their own position, using a special procedure. The exact procedure and actions are described in the full Report of Suspected Malpractice procedure.

Guiding Principles Contracting Construction Company

Together with the six other largest construction companies in the Netherlands, VolkerWessels has drawn up a series of rules of conduct to promote professional, honest, socially responsible and transparent conduct in the construction industry. The aim is to create more clarity for all partners in the construction process.