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Our security agenda

  • At VolkerWessels, we either work safely or we don't! Together with the companies, the safety agenda has been set for 2021-2024. During this period we will work together to improve the following principles:
  • At VolkerWessels, we experience safety intrinsically through deployment of the WAVE program and use the WAVE program to change our (safety) behavior.
  • We work on a solid (proactive) safety culture in our companies, projects and our supply chain.We improve our safety performance based on analyses.
  • We develop a WAVE platform with digital applications that increase efficiency and reduce administrative actions.
  • We create a level playing field in the field of knowledge by deploying existing and newly to be developed safety training programs. We continuously learn from (near) accidents and best practices.

The Brain Based Safety (BBS) training course is one of the initiatives of our safety agenda. 

WAVE: Be Alert! Safety First!

Het WAVE-programma

Back home safe and sound at the end of the workday. Isn't that what we all want? That's why at VolkerWessels we use the WAVE safety program: Be Alert! Safety First! A set of safety rules and values that we apply and comply with together. Because although safety is in our DNA and we are often aware of the dangers in our work, these rules and values keep us alert. After all, at VolkerWessels we don't take unacceptable risks. We either work safely or we don't! At the end of the working day, we go home safe and sound.

To strengthen our WAVE program, we have created a video animation that briefly and powerfully shows what VolkerWessels' WAVE program stands for.

Who is it for?

WAVE is for everyone... After all, we are not only responsible for our own safety, but also for that of direct colleagues and subcontractors or suppliers we work with. We watch out for each other and dare to speak to each other if we are not working safely enough. We work safely together!

VolkerWessels assumes that everyone who works for us adheres to the safety rules, thereby preventing dangerous situations or even accidents. To ensure that the safety rules are observed correctly, an enforcement policy has been drawn up for our own employees and for subcontractors and hirers.

Security Day

Since 2017, VolkerWessels has joined the construction industry's National Safety Day 'Consciously Safe'. A day with a changing theme at the initiative of Bouwend Nederland, Uneto-VNI and the Contractors' Federation, in which we focus on safety together with the industry and our companies.

The Governance code of safety in construction

Since 2014, VolkerWessels has been one of the initiators of the Governance Code for Safety in Construction. The initiators of this code have established common principles and core values in the field of safety, identified themes, made agreements and initiated actions. The entire construction chain is involved in the elaboration. With concrete agreements and actions, quick wins have been achieved since its inception and medium-term structural changes and behavioral and cultural changes have been initiated.