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Built in our own factories
Puur, Plus and Hout
MorgenWonen variations
Generate more than you consume

There is a great need for housing and sustainability. At the same time, materials and labour are becoming scarcer. We see opportunities to transform complex housing development and construction processes into a clear process. We do this with our residential label MorgenWonen: the housing variations of VolkerWessels. Our challenge? To build affordable, high-quality, comfortable and sustainable homes.

Industrial building

With MorgenWonen from VolkerWessels, you gain a lot of experience. In addition to expertise and craftsmanship, we have factories where we prefabricate our homes in concrete or wood. These are made according to the latest industrial insights and techniques.

We build industrially. We use our own factories and workshops within the VolkerWessels group. Here, we produce all the building components we need. Complete facades, roofs, stairs and bathrooms or complete three-dimensional modules are delivered to the building site. We master this method like no other. How so? We have been doing it since 2014. In the Netherlands, we are the first to produce houses and flats 100% in-house in this way. MorgenWonen thus guarantees the highest quality of industrial construction.

MorgenWonen variations


"With the residential variations of MorgenWonen, VolkerWessels has solutions available to all relevant issues. We do this with our housing labels: MorgenWonen Puur, Plus and Hout."

MorgenWonen Puur

  • Suitable for flats and ground-level homes
  • Quality homes, produced under optimal conditions
  • Fast delivery with high quality, grip on costs
  • House generates more energy than it consumes
  • Circular, demountable and reusable
  • Find out more about MorgenWonen Puur (in Dutch)

MorgenWonen Plus

  • Suitable for flats and ground-level homes
  • Made-to-measure with quality components from the factory
  • Design freedom while retaining the quality you are used to from us
  • Sustainability level can be adjusted to specific needs
  • Find out more about MorgenWonen Plus (in Dutch)

MorgenWonen Hout

  • Suitable for flats and ground-level homes
  • Quality homes made of wood, produced under optimal conditions
  • Fast delivery with high quality, grip on costs
  • Circular, demountable and reusable
  • Find out more about MorgenWonen Hout (in Dutch)

Circular, sustainable and energy-neutral

Low-energy, affordable, low-maintenance and sustainable living. Who doesn't want that? With MorgenWonen, you always opt for sustainability. This starts during construction: through the choice of materials and attention to circularity. And this continues throughout the life of the home, with minimal energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

Circular construction

Circular construction means building with dismountable and sustainable components. The house can be dismantled for reuse at a later date. In practice, it has a major impact on how a house is created. This starts from the drawing board. We design the houses to be suitable for reusing materials. These materials and elements are fitted with dry joints. Why? This way, dismantling the materials is easy and they can be reused.

Sustainable wood

Using sustainable wood is one of the most effective ways for the construction industry to tackle the climate problem. How can this be done? Wood is the only building material that stores CO2. Moreover, as a renewable raw material, wood is the circular building material par excellence. The wood used in MorgenWonen homes is certified wood. Because we only build with honest materials.

MorgenWonen: the home that generates more energy than it consumes

A MorgenWonen home generates more energy than it consumes. The house is equipped with a sustainable heat pump and the roof is (partly) covered with solar panels. The CO2 sensor-controlled ventilation continuously measures how much air needs to be supplied and removed. Thanks to this smart system, no energy is lost in heating excess air. In short, thanks to the sustainable applications, you live in a future-proof house with optimal comfort, you contribute to a better environment and you also pay lower living costs!

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