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Two weeks from first building block to ready-to-live home. Sustainable, low-maintenance, affordable and zero energy costs. That is the calling card of MorgenWonen, the pioneering building standard of VolkerWessels. The key to MorgenWonen? All the essential elements of the homes are factory-made plug and play building blocks.

Construction kit

From the floor, walls and roof to the brickwork facade, bathroom and stairs. “Each production line in our factory produces the parts for one home every day,” explains Rik Hulsman, market and innovation manager at VolkerWessels. The work in the factory is the starting point of a cleverly-designed production line. Rik: “The next day we fit the elements together in situ to create the shell. This avoids stock accumulating and keeps the process lean.” The first day of construction is followed by the finishing process: from placing the inside walls, the kitchen and PVC floor to installing the roof tiles, solar panels and terrace. Thanks to this system the homes are ready to be lived in just two weeks after the start of construction.

The price tag

No rain, wind or fluctuating temperatures: building in the factory means that the elements have no impact on the quality of the homes. “As a result the maintenance costs on our homes are much lower,” says Rik. The industrial production also avoids failure costs, resulting in a significantly lower cost price and an attractive price tag. Rik: “The financial picture makes MorgenWonen attractive as owner-occupier homes, investment lease properties and social housing.”

Green living

Sustainability: a keyword for MorgenWonen. Starting from the building phase. All the sections of a home fit onto six lorries, dramatically reducing construction traffic and carbon emissions. In addition thanks to the smart design the homes are extremely energy-efficient, with heat loss for example minimised by insulation of the structural shell. Solar panels on the roof generate electricity while a heat pump and heat exchanger ensure efficient management of the indoor climate. This results in a zero energy bill at the end of the month.

The new construction

“Industrial construction is the future, I’m absolutely convinced of it. Construction is becoming increasingly efficient and there is not always the time or the money to devise and engineer each new project from scratch. Moreover construction staff are in increasingly short supply. And so industrial construction is essential in order to meet demand. Over one thousand families already live in our homes and we are adding to this at a rate of two a day. Thanks to MorgenWonen we really are the trendsetters in this area. Which makes it a very cool thing to be involved in!”

Rik Hulsman, market and innovation manager at VolkerWessels

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