MorgenWonen assembles 2000th house

In 2014, VolkerWessels started the construction of a unique factory that could produce comfortable and sustainable homes on the assembly line under the name 'MorgenWonen'. As a result of this industrialisation, a solution was created for the shortage of craftsmanship that arose in the construction industry. At the same time, a way was found to create price stability and, in terms of quality and sustainability, major steps were taken compared to the traditional building process. As a result of the continuous construction flow of 440 homes per year, in the year 2020, two new energy positive (‘Nul-op-de-Meter’) MorgenWonen homes will be assembled every day somewhere in the Netherlands. Tomorrow, the 2000th home will be given an honourable place in the new Hollandse Linde housing project on the Katenhorst in Ede.

2000xMorgenWonen klein.jpg

Three types of houses and variation

MorgenWonen started in 2014 with one type of home that left the factory. Today the MorgenWonen range consists of three different types of homes, which can be varied in different ways. These modern products successfully serve a wide range of clients such as housing corporations, developers and investors. Collective Private Clients (CPO's) are also increasingly turning to MorgenWonen in their search for affordable and sustainable starter homes.

MorgenWonenEuropark2020 klein.jpg

The near future

VolkerWessels has a taste for industrialisation and will again be investing heavily in production facilities in the coming years. The factory that was opened this year at the Europark near Coevorden covers 10,000 m² on a 25,000 m² site, is fully robotised and will be further expanded in 2021. This will provide space for the production of a special social housing unit and further automation will increase the flexibility within the building system. As a result, the price list will be supplemented with interesting options such as a flat roof, a spacious extension and a comfortable extra bedroom in the attic. 

Numbers are determined by available building locations

Thanks to its experience as market leader in industrial housing construction, the modern production facilities and the concert strength of VolkerWessels, MorgenWonen has the opportunity to further scale up production. However, this is mainly determined by the availability of land positions in the Netherlands. In order to be able to continue to meet the national demand for housing, more housing locations must become available. This requires national policy and government intervention so that spatial procedures can be completed in the short term.


Over the past two years, a great deal of work has been done on structural modifications to make the homes suitable for use in series for Germany and England. This has been successful and the first projects near Leipzig (D) and London (UK) will be completed before the end of this year.