Welcome to the world of VolkerWessels

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At VolkerWessels, we can proudly say:

Making the future, that's what we do now. By coming up with surprising solutions. And always going for something better. Something new. Issues around climate change and energy transition underscore the need to develop, design, innovate, manage and build differently. Making is doing. And making is, above all, thinking ahead. Making the impossible possible.

Who makes, builds. And thereby shapes the future. That is why we always aim for a living environment in which future generations can live, live and work healthily and happily! We have been making the future for generations. Before generations. With our innovative solutions, we set our entire network in motion: clients, subcontractors; people throughout the chain join forces. For us, building does not start with bricks but with people. With future generations of residents and users, paying attention to their wishes.

That is why we consciously choose projects in which the human dimension is not out of the picture. Close and approachable where possible, large and decisive where necessary.

We are VolkerWessels. A leading Dutch construction group, active in four countries. With 130 operating companies and 17,000 specialists who join forces. We are creators. The makers of the future.

What we do

Area and property development

Enabling new environments that allow us to move forward for generations. That is the ambition that drives us. From a futuristic station area to a fully circular residential area.

Houses to feel at home

Creating homes in which you feel at home. For us, building begins not with bricks but with people. We are committed to future generations so that they can live happily and healthy.

High-quality urban amenities

Every day, VolkerWessels is committed to transforming cities into livable and future-proof environments. Together we build the city where everyone feels at home.

Efficient construction processes

Bij VolkerWessels zijn wij ervan overtuigd dat efficiënte bouwprocessen van vitaal belang zijn voor onze projecten. Van industriële productie tot aan levering van bouwelementen.

Reliable, vital and sustainable infrastructure

Connecting and supporting society. That is why we are committed every day to creating reliable, vital and sustainable infrastructure.

Energy Transition

At VolkerWessels, we are committed to an energy supply that is clean, reliable and resilient, because today's choices affect tomorrow's generations.We develop, build and maintain these 'lifelines' of the Netherlands. This is how we shape a sustainable future.


Connecting places, people and ideas. At VolkerWessels, we are building together a world where everyone has access to information, energy and each other.


Careers at VolkerWessels

Builders of the future. 17,000 specialists joining forces. For generations long. For next generations. Become a builder of the future at VolkerWessels and create the most impressive buildings, infrastructure and make the Netherlands a little more sustainable every day.