Nieuw Bergen Eindhoven 2026

Nieuw Bergen

In the heart of the city of Eindhoven, in one of the most authentic and popular neighborhoods, Stam + De Koning is going to realize the 'Nieuw Bergen' project. This is being commissioned by area developer SDK Vastgoed, which has redeveloped the area around the Deken van Somerenstraat.


The design

Indigo, Violet, Bleu, Rouge, Orange, Jaune, Vert

Like a color palette that gives name to its iconic buildings, New Mons is highly diverse; the district features apartments from the social to the high end. The combination of exceptional residential towers, luxury apartments and high-quality renovation construction makes New Bergen a special and fashionable environment.

The project contains a large building volume and high urban density but no large, massive residential towers. International architectural firm MVRDV has created a design with angled cut-offs of the buildings which creates an open character and maximum daylight in the area.

The project consists of seven buildings. Five of them will be newly developed, two existing buildings will be renovated. These seven buildings will house as many as 237 housing units and several commercial spaces. There will also be a parking garage under the plan.

Within the project, both sustainability and inclusivity have been taken into account. In fact, the redevelopment adds 3,200 m2 of green space to Eindhoven's city center. This makes it a mixed plan in which rental apartments for housing corporation Trudo will come as well as rental apartments in the middle and high segment. There will also be apartments for sale in various price categories and sizes.

Nieuw Bergen VolkerWessels 2026

Construction and completion

Sales of the homes are progressing well. Completion is scheduled for mid-2026.