VolkerWessels joins ‘circularity’ think tank for Madaster material passport

Thanks to its extensive experience in creating circular buildings, VolkerWessels has been asked to help operationalise the term ‘circularity’ within the context of a registered material passport (a so-called ‘Madaster material passport’). Market-led initiatives like this will help clients and the Netherlands become more sustainable. This is a perfect fit with VolkerWessels’ vision focused on circularity and quality of life.



A material passport of a building shows which materials were used to construct it and how they were used. This makes it a lot easier to reuse and reclaim materials in the demolition and deconstruction phase while adding value to buildings. The methodology used by the independent Madaster Foundation in designing such a passport is being developed into a national standard. VolkerWessels has been involved as one of the founding fathers since the start but is now also working to operationalise the term circularity.

Frontrunner in circularity

VolkerWessels has already gained a great deal of experience in constructing circular buildings including Fokker Logistics Park, the Alliander office in Duiven and VolkerWessels’ own MorgenWonen concept. This experience is now also being used to help define the circular methodology for the Madaster material passport. There are different ways to look at it. For instance, do you include in your calculations the energy needed to extract materials? This is one of many considerations that needs to be made.


The methodology behind the Madaster material passport will be ready by 29 September 2017 and available in the Dutch market via an online platform. 


photos: Alliander, Fokker Logistics Park, MorgenWonen.