VolkerWessels achieves sustainable goals

Sustainability report 2011 publishedVolkerWessels has taken another important step with regard to sustainability. Last year, it reduced CO2 emissions by 6.3 percent. This is revealed in the Sustainability Report 2011.


Key points

  • CO2 reduced by 6.3% to 181 kton
  • Rise in sustainable innovations PlanetFit label by 13%
  • Decline in absenteeism to 4.31%
  • Decline in IF figure to 7.7
  • Rise in waste separation percentage to 56.5%
  • Huge rise in number of projects with the ‘Considerate Constructors' certificate


In 2011, over sixteen thousand employees at VolkerWessels were focused on achieving our sustainable goals. These included themes like supply chain, raw material management, CO2 and safety. The sustainability report describes numerous initiatives launched with internal and/or external partners which have helped us achieve our goals. For the coming years, more ambitious goals have been set and we will continue to translate our ambitions into concrete steps forward.

UK results

This year, the sustainable results of our operating companies in the United Kingdom are included in the report. An official Assurance declaration has also been obtained.
VolkerWessels is one of the leaders with regard to sustainability reporting in the Netherlands. This appeared from the annual Transparency Benchmark of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. Chairman of the Management Board, Gerard van de Aast: "This report contains examples of how creativity can produce solutions that are attractive in terms of both the environment and finance. The potential for this has grown now that market parties are also introducing mechanisms that strengthen the business case for sustainability".