VolkerStevin awarded €24m contract <br> for Mare Harbour improvements

A contract to improve the defence infrastructure on the Falkland Islands has been awarded to VolkerStevin. The €24m contract to upgrade Mare Harbour was awarded to the marine works specialist by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) . The announcement comes after Defence Secretary Michael Fallon visited the Falkland Islands in February, and forms part of his commitment for €288 million investment over the next decade to modernise the military infrastructure on the Islands.

Falkland Islands Resupply Ship

The contract is for design, construction and associated costs and will provide a facility suitable to cater for larger vessels, namely the POINT Class ships, with roll-on roll-off capability of the Falkland Islands Resupply Ship (FIRS). There are approximately 10 FIRS sailings per year which deliver military supplies including hardware, food and infrastructure, as well as a small amount of commercial freight to the Falkland Islands.

Military and civilian personnel

Today’s €24m contract to improve facilities at the berths in Mare Harbour is expected to be followed by investment to improve the power station at Mount Pleasant Camp as well as ongoing work on accommodation at Radar Heads. There are currently around 1,200 military and civilian personnel based in the Falklands supporting defensive air, naval and land assets, including RAF Typhoon aircraft, helicopters, Royal Navy patrol vessels and an Army infantry company.