VolkerRail secures Network Rail’s renewal and enhancement framework contracts

VolkerRail has secured three contracts on Network Rail's panel and programme framework, with a total value of €344 million. The contracts are part of Network Rail's extensive programme of enhancements and renewals to the London North Western and East Midlands routes. It consists of 20 frameworks over the next five years, with a combined value of €2 billion.


The three contracts VolkerRail will be working on, are the railway engineering panel contracts for the LNW South and LNW North region and the electrification and plant programme contract for LNW North. The panel contracts are renewal and enhancement projects which include railway engineering, civil engineering and building projects. The programme contracts consist of renewal projects and include property renewals, electrification and plant renewals, earthworks renewals and structure renewals. 


The work delivered under the frameworks represents a significant portion of the €48 billion Network Rail will invest over the next five years on running, maintaining and improving Britain's railway. Currently there are four million passenger journeys and thousands of tonnes of freight transported every single day.