VolkerRail Best OTM Operator/Company

VolkerRail has been awarded ‘The Best OTM Operator/Company' accolade by Network Rail. The team earned this prestigious award due to the hard work and dedication shown on the seven year framework contract for the supply, operation and maintenance of the Tamper and Ballast Regulator Fleet.

OTM Contract

Among other services, VolkerRail's plant division supply, maintain and operate a fleet of 11 On-Track Machines (OTMs), which tamp track and regulate ballast across the UK on Network Rail's infrastructure. VolkerRail was awarded the OTM Contract in 2011 which provides Network Rail with nine S&C mainline tampers, two Matisa R24s ballast regulators and a full supporting team of staff.

Training programme

VolkerRail's drivers/maintainers/operators, who are considered some of the best in the country, have undergone an extensive and arduous training programme to ensure safe and efficient delivery of operations in excess of 99% reliability. While all suppliers in this specialist market regularly deliver a high value service to an excellent standard, this award recognises the fact that VolkerRail consistently stand out from the crowd on key performance measures.