Two contracts signed for Park Harga development in Schiedam

The mayor of the municipality of Schiedam Cor Lamers, VolkerWessels Vastgoed director Marcel Schipper and Thunnissen director Harrie van Noorden have signed the land allocation contract for (the next stage of) the construction of around 380 homes in Park Harga in the city of Schiedam. Mayor Lamers also signed the contract with Van Kessel Sport & Cultuurtechniek director Tonny de Morée for the construction of two multifunctional sports facilities and accompanying playing fields.

170308 HargaMidden_Vogelvlucht.jpg
170308 HargaMidden_Vogelvlucht.jpg

Residential area

The Park Harga Midden B.V. development consortium is a joint venture of VolkerWessels Vastgoed and Thunnissen. The consortium will develop and build the next stage of Park Harga, the new sustainable residential area, for its own account and risk. The range of housing on offer comprises both ground-level homes and apartments, for sale and for rent. The 380 planned new homes will blend in seamlessly with the earlier residential development in Park Harga. Once again there will be a strong focus on sustainability, green spaces and spacious layout. The municipality of Schiedam has every confidence that the next stage of Park Harga will be just as successful as the initial stages.

Harga sports park

As part of a larger area development project the municipality of Schiedam is developing a new sports park at Harga. It will include two multifunctional buildings for football clubs HBSS, SVV and Hermes-DVS, also incorporating space for a health centre and for childcare. In addition to the buildings Van Kessel Sport & Cultuurtechniek will develop the accompanying playing fields and outdoor spaces.

Standard energy-neutral

Park Harga is a striking area – a neighbourhood for and belonging to everyone but above all a sustainable one. Park Harga is future-proof: all homes come standard equipped with underfloor heating, a ground source heat pump, triple glazing and solar panels to ensure that they are energy-neutral and comfortable. In addition the finished homes will be gasless, with the solar panels and heat pump generating enough energy to heat, cool and ventilate the homes and to supply hot water. Energy-efficient, as the residents will be able to see from their energy bills. The initial stages of Park Harga are under construction and will be finished towards the end of this year and early next year.