Sustainable wood usage on projects rises to almost 100%

VolkerWessels used 44,000 cubic metres of sustainable wood on the many thousands of projects it executed over the past year, equivalent to 96% of the total volume of timber procured and equating to the sequestration of over 41,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

FSC 13.jpg
FSC 13.jpg

Responsible forestry

As a partner of FSC Nederland, VolkerWessels aims to use sustainable timber wherever possible. The FSC system promotes responsible management of the world’s forests to ensure their preservation for the planet.


The use of sustainable wood is very important to VolkerWessels and the company increasingly applies it as a sustainable alternative to materials such as concrete and steel. 


To find out more about the sustainable use of materials and other sustainability topics please refer to our 2016 Sustainability Report.