Seven VolkerWessels UK sites awarded Considerate Constructors Scheme Awards

Seven VolkerWessels UK sites have been awarded a 2013 Considerate Constructors Scheme Award. The Award shows the dedication of the project teams to the local communities in which they work.

Constructors Scheme Awards.jpg
Constructors Scheme Awards.jpg

Local communities

Honours go to VolkerHighways, VolkerStevin and VolkerFitzpatrick. Alan Robertson, VolkerWessels UK chief executive, said: "These awards are very important to VolkerWessels UK and we are delighted to have won an award for seven individual sites. We always strive to work collaboratively with the local communities we work within and it is great to see the level of commitment our employees have for this important part of their projects."


The Considerate Constructors Scheme's National Site Awards are presented to construction sites, both large and small, that have raised the bar for considerate construction. The awards recognise sites' excellent standards of consideration towards their neighbours, their workforce and the environment.