New app to give cyclists faster and longer green light in Den Bosch

Cyclists at a junction in the Dutch city of Den Bosch will enjoy a faster and longer green light thanks to a new smart traffic light installed by Vialis. The traffic light detects approaching cyclists and responds by keeping the light green for longer, reducing unnecessary waiting times.

Communicating with traffic lights

The smart traffic light works in combination with Schwung, an app that cyclists can download free of charge. The light uses the app to detect when a cyclist is approaching without them needing to remove the phone from their pocket or bag. When several cyclists with the Schwung app approach a junction at the same time the traffic light will optimise the flow.


The information gathered by the smart traffic light in this way will help further improve the traffic flow at junctions. The Schwung app is not linked to the user’s identity details but is only used for detection purposes, meaning that it can be used anonymously.

10 smart traffic lights

Member of the provincial executive Christophe van der Maat and councillor Jos van Son of the municipality of Den Bosch were the first to use the new smart traffic light. Ten of these lights will be installed in the city in the next year.