Mid-Stabilisation Period Announcement

This is an announcement as required under article 5.5 of the Market Abuse Regulation (EU/596/2014)  Koninklijke VolkerWessels (“VolkerWessels” or the “Company”), a market-leading, multi-branded construction company in the Netherlands, has been informed by Morgan Stanley & Co. International plc acting as the stabilisation agent in connection with the Company’s initial public offering on Euronext Amsterdam (the “Offering”), that it undertook stabilisation activitieswithin the meaning of Article 3.2(d) of the Market Abuse Regulation (EU/596/2014 in relation to the offer of the following securities, as set out below.

Tabel MSA1.PNG

For each of the dates during which stabilisation transactions were carried out during the period covered by this announcement, the aggregate quantity and price range was as follows:

More information

For more information about VolkerWessels and the Offering, reference is made to the prospectus dated 28 April 2017. The prospectus is available electronically via the VolkerWessels website (www.volkerwessels.com).