Digital Toolbox

Blog Margaux De Paepe, Digital and Innovation Collaboration Lead VolkerWessels UK As we progress into 2021, we are taking the lessons learnt from 2019 and 2020, and focussing on the adoption of the added-value technology, which our sites have discovered and piloted with our central digital construction and innovation team. 

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Our strategy this year is to reduce the focus on innovation and new technologies, and replace this with a focus on embedding the technologies we have into projects - ideally at tender stage, but as a minimum in project mobilisation. 

To give us a solid and consistent foundation for the next steps in our digital transformation journey we have created our “digital toolbox”, focusing on improved quality of our site planning and records, with the aim of achieving operational efficiency and reducing failure costs, through a data-driven approach to delivery.

Our digital toolbox will explain all of our enterprise, strategic, tactical and innovation technology, and will provide case studies, benefit and key contacts across our business, where people can find out more. 

During 2021, we will be rolling out our digital start up process in VolkerFitzpatrick, which will help our pre-construction and delivery teams identify the most valuable technology, to give us the best chance of securing high-value work, and to deliver it in the most efficient and pragmatic way possible.  

As we progress through 2021, we will be recording the benefits and challenges and will continue to make changes, so that we can become a company which is powered by data and driven by people.