Slotervaart Tweelaagse dakopbouw

The Slotervaart in Amsterdam

Contours of roof structure

Commissioned by Zadelhoff, a two-story rooftop extension is currently under construction at Het Slotervaart in Amsterdam. This extension, located on the 11th and 12th floors, provides space for office facilities for healthcare-related and social organizations. The addition of the roof structure is the crowning glory of the large-scale shell renovation of Het Slotervaart, carried out by MedicomZes in cooperation with sister company HOMIJ.


Despite the continued use of The Slotervaart by various tenants operating 24/7, the construction of the roof structure is progressing steadily. The steel structure and floor slabs are being carefully lifted upwards, using a crash deck on the top floor of the building. This crash deck, developed by the MedicomZes team in collaboration with Holland Staal, ensures safe lifting and prevents materials from falling.

Development and Planning

As work progresses, the contours of the rooftop structure, designed by MVSA Architects, are becoming increasingly visible. It is expected to be completed by the end of next year. The transformation of Het Slotervaart is part of the area development 'De Plantijn' in Amsterdam New West.


The project of the roof structure at Het Slotervaart illustrates a well-considered expansion of an existing building, aimed at providing modern facilities for care and social services. The collaboration between various parties, including Zadelhoff, MedicomZes, HOMIJ, and MVSA Architects, contributed to the successful execution of this project.