Renovatie VolkerWessels

Renovation Roseknoop

A successful first period full of developments

Tens of thousands of cars, streetcars, buses, scooters, cyclists and pedestrians pass through Roseknoop junction every day. An indispensable link in Rotterdam's road network. At the beginning of this year, commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam, the junction was completely revamped by VolkerWessels companies KWS and VolkerRail to be redesigned.

Kruispunt Rotterdam


The renovations are clearly visible. For example, the new water transport pipeline with an impressive diameter of 1 meter 20 has already been laid in the ground. In addition, the new streetcar rails have arrived and energetic daily work is underway to connect the various sections. The 27 different medium-voltage cables have also been successfully pulled through, making the infrastructure ready for future internet, fiber optic, telephone and electricity needs.

Rotterdam Kruispunt

Proud of progress and collaboration

Progress is on schedule and this is due in part to the hard work of the project team. The past six months were certainly not without challenges, but thanks to good preparation and measures taken, the closure of Laan op Zuid to car and streetcar traffic on May 1 went smoothly. In the process, traffic was able to find its way around. The new bicycle and pedestrian paths, the shuttle bus and the neighborhood hubs for bikes and scooters are already being used intensively by the public.

Weg Rotterdam VW

A successful Construction Day

Last month, the long-awaited Construction Day took place at the Roseknoop. This day provided an opportunity to experience the project up close and gave residents, business owners and other interested parties the chance to take a look behind the scenes. The Construction Day was a great success and attracted many enthusiastic visitors. During this event, visitors got a unique insight into the work and developments that took place on the Roseknoo

On to more!

With the first six months of the Roseknoop renovation behind us, we look forward to the continuation of this special project. The joint efforts and commitment of all parties have ensured that the Roseknoop continues to develop as an important and lively place in Rotterdam.