239 rental apartments and 132 student housing units

Boele & van Eesteren began construction of Crossroads, a project that folds around the railroad at Amsterdam Sloterdijk, in November 2022. A 90-meter-high residential tower on one side of the station (Block 5), will be linked under the tracks of the 8-meter-high Hemboog to a 45-meter-high residential complex on the other side of the station (Block 10).


Two clients, one building

Each of the towers has its own identity and its own client. In Block 5, 239 rental apartments will be built. The client for this is MN. Woonstichting De Key is the client for the 132 student apartments in block 10. These two worlds meet in the Secret Garden on top of the plinth building with commercial spaces that runs under the Hemboog.


Dialogue with the railroad

Because we are building right next to and under the railroad, we have to deal with the Railway Act permit. This places heavy demands on the design and construction activities. In order to keep this on the right track, we contributed ideas at an early stage about construction routes, construction methods and supplies, among other things.

Crossroads Amsterdam

Construction methodology

The plinth, mid-rise and Block 10 will be constructed in a concrete shell with in-situ poured walls and wide slabs. The facades will be constructed in HSB elements and aluminum window frames. Block 5 will be constructed in a load-bearing facade of precast concrete sandwich elements and a wide slab floor.


Construction of Crossroads started in the fall of 2022. It is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2025.