This is VolkerWessels vlog #30: Spoorzone Tilburg

For more than a century, the Spoorzone Tilburg was the scene of diligent industrial labour. Since 2010, VolkerWessels, together with the municipality of Tilburg, has been transforming this area into an exciting, creative place where there is room for living, working, education, culture and hospitality.

VolkerWessels_vlog_spoorzone Tilburg_3.png

By adapting the infrastructure, transforming existing industrial buildings and adding high-quality new construction, a completely new living environment will be created in the railroad zone. On a surface area of 15 hectares, a total of approximately 2,000 homes, 40,000 m2 of facilities and 50,000 m2 of office and work space will be realized. Step by step, a dynamic area with an alternative and enterprising urban culture will be created, which will add something new to the city.

In 2022 the railroad zone will be intensively used and at the same time a lot of work will be done on the plans for the coming years. A good time for the developers of SDK Vastgoed and the builders of Van de Ven Bouw en Ontwikkeling Tilburg (both VolkerWessels companies) to show us around in the 30th episode of the vlog.