VolkerWessels and subsidiaries introducing a new logo and branding

United by a powerful logo while retaining diversity and its own local culture   As of today VolkerWessels and (almost) all its subsidiaries in the Netherlands can be recognized by a new logo. In the coming period this will become visible throughout the country on our digital channels, equipment, cars, building sites and all other places where we are at work. This change will enable us to show even better what we have to offer and that the subsidiaries form one powerful group.

My project (46).png

The new logo has its origins in building company Wessels and has been adapted to the present day, in which the shape stands for security, reliability, quality and progressiveness. The logo thus incorporates two things: the rich history and also the urge to innovate.

Because we cherish our diversity and the individuality of each operating company within our group, all the subsidiaries in the Netherlands will retain their brandnames and will be recognizable by the new logo.