Meet VolkerWessels during the Construction Day

Save the date, June 18! Bouwend Nederland is organizing its annual Construction Day. VolkerWessels will open the construction gates of a number of special projects and invites local residents, interested parties, colleagues and their families to come.

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VolkerWessels Projects

Faculty of Law, Groningen

Visser & Smit Bouw is realizing the conversion of a former public library in Groningen into a building for the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen.

VolkerWessels companies involved: Visser & Smit Bouw, Homij


Energy Park Pottendijk, Emmen

In Emmen, construction of Energiepark Pottendijk is underway on behalf of Shell. Fourteen wind turbines and approximately 35 hectares with a total of 90,000 solar panels will together generate up to 170 GWh of electricity annually. 

VolkerWessels companies involved: Van Hattum & Blankevoort


High-voltage substation 150 kV, Oosterhout

Contractor Volker Energy Solutions and client TenneT T.S.O. are jointly opening the site of the 150 kV switching station under construction in Oosterhout. Visitors can take a look at the construction site and the switching garden. There will also be a look inside the Central Services Building, the station's control center. 

VolkerWessels companies involved: Visser & Smit Hanab, Business Unit Volker Energy Solutions


N522 Replacement of the Ouderkerk Bridge, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel

The N522 Replacement Bridge Ouderkerk project involves the demolition of an existing bridge over the Amstel River, the construction of two new bridges and the adjustment of the connecting infrastructure. A special feature of this project is the construction of the bascule cellar on the bank, so that after completion it can be moved to its final position.

VolkerWessels companies involved: Van Hattum and Blankevoort, KWS Infra and Vialis


Peak storage Haarlemmermeer

A mini-polder for climate-adaptive water storage in the Haarlemmermeer. For the construction of this peak storage, a dike of approximately 4 km will be constructed at the lowest point of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.                            


VolkerWessels companies involved: Van Hattum and Blankevoort


Dike reinforcement Markermeer dikes, Hoorn

The Markermeer dikes between Hoorn and Amsterdam protect over 1.2 million North Hollanders from the water. In a number of places this dike no longer meets the safety requirements. The Markermeer Dikes Alliance is therefore reinforcing over 33 kilometers of dikes and ensuring that they are safe again for the next 50 years.

VolkerWessels companies involved: KWS Infra


Monnickendam pumping station

Commissioned by the district water board, a new pumping station is being built in the Nieuwendam (primary barrier), between the Gouwzee and the Purmer Ee, under the existing N247.

VolkerWessels companies involved: KWS Infra


IJsselmond node, Ridderkerk

The IJsselmond node in Ridderkerk is the connection of the Dutch Fresh Port business park to the A15 freeway. This busy intersection will be completely reconstructed by order of the Nieuw Reijerwaard Joint Venture.

VolkerWessels companies involved: KWS and Van Hattum en Blankevoort


Sacred Heart Church, Breda

On the Baronielaan in Breda, De Bonth van Hulten is redeveloping the Heilig Hartkerk church into twenty luxury homes.                            

VolkerWessels companies involved: De Bonth van Hulten


100 apartments Couperusperk, Etten-Leur

The Couperuspark plan in Etten-Leur consists of four blocks with a total of 100 apartments, ranging in size from about 76 to about 137 m2 of living space.                                                                                 

VolkerWessels companies involved: Contractors Van Agtmaal


Construction of fly-over junction N391 - Emmerweg, Emmen

You are most welcome at the intersection of the N391 and the Emmerweg on the northeast side of Emmen. Here we are in the process of redesigning these important traffic arteries.

VolkerWessels companies involved: KWS


All construction projects taking part in Construction Day

At you will find a complete overview of all the construction projects taking part in Construction Day.