This is also VolkerWessels vlog #33: NDSM Amsterdam Pontkade

At NDSM you can see the work of VolkerWessels all around you. We have been involved in the transformation of this former shipyard in Amsterdam North since 2005. While the new residents and visitors are already making intensive use of this part of the city, development and construction will continue in the coming years. Eventually, NDSM will be home to over 3,000 homes in all shapes and sizes.

Pontkade screenshot.jpg

In the 33rd edition of our vlog we will update you on the progress made in recent years and what is currently being worked on. For example, VolkerWessels companies Kondor Wessels Amsterdam and IBB Kondor are well advanced with the Pontkade complex. Phase III of this project consists of 208 apartments divided into three main volumes. On the first floor there will be space for retail, creative businesses and restaurants, and on the NDSM street there will be a striking office building. Pontkade Phases I and II, consisting of 252 apartments and various facilities, were completed earlier.


What all these apartments have in common is the amazing view over the Werf, the IJ and Amsterdam. Especially on a sunny day in June!