VolkerWessels Vastgoed completes first phase of Noordelijk Havenhoofd Scheveningen

VolkerWessels Vastgoed has delivered the new Inntel Hotels Marina Beach The Hague and the first phase of the business premises 3xVIS at the Northern Pier in Scheveningen to the new owners/users. It concerns the first phase of the area development of the Noordelijk Havenhoofd. This area is being redeveloped by VolkerWessels Vastgoed in cooperation with the Fish Cluster and the Municipality of The Hague. For the next phase, preparations are in full swing. This phase includes the construction of the boathouse for the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) and a parking garage with dune pavilions. The northern pier of the port of Scheveningen is currently undergoing a true metamorphosis. This metamorphosis aims to provide space for the maritime industry in the port on the one hand, and to strengthen the Scheveningen boulevard as a tourist attraction on the other.


Inntel Hotels Marina Beach

With its iconic shape, Inntel Hotels Marina Beach The Hague is a beautiful beacon on the harbour side of the boulevard. The hotel has 226 rooms with a view on the sea, the beach and the harbour. The design is by KCAP and has been realised by the VolkerWessels companies Boele & van Eesteren and HOMIJ Technische Installaties. The hotel was completed on schedule within two years and opened its doors to guests on 1 March.

3xVIS warehouses

The three 3xVIS warehouses have been developed by VolkerWessels Vastgoed in consultation with and for the entrepreneurs Plugge, AZ Fisheries and Seafood Centre. In total, the three warehouses have a surface area of 4,400 m2. This new accommodation offers space to strengthen the fish and port industry in the area. The design is by Queeste Architects and the plan is being realised by Systabo, a VolkerWessels company. The first phase of the 3xVIS factory buildings was realised and delivered within six months, as planned. The second phase will be executed after KNRM has moved to the new boathouse.


KNRM boathouse

After the summer holidays the construction of a new boathouse for the KNRM will start at the Noordelijk Havenhoofd in the harbour of Scheveningen. This new boathouse will be built at the beginning of the Visafslagweg at the head of the fish auction building. In the same building there will also be a new catering pavilion. The new building complex was designed by DAVL Studio and will be realised by Systabo. The building will have the same design as the adjacent fish auction building. The expectation is that the boathouse and the catering pavilion will be completed and put into use before the summer of 2022.

Car park and dune pavilions

A new parking garage with 750 public parking spaces and 90 parking spaces will be built on the boulevard. The multi-storey car park will be built on the site of the current dune, which will be excavated for this purpose and rebuilt as a natural dune after the construction of the garage. Above the parking garage and in the dune, nine dune pavilions with a total surface area of over 4,000 m2 will be built to accommodate a diverse programme of new tourist and cultural functions, catering establishments and business premises. The design is by Team V Architecture. After obtaining the necessary permits, it is expected that work will start on preparing the site by excavating the dune.

With the construction of the boathouse for the KNRM, the parking garage and the dune pavilions, the second phase of the Noordelijk Havenhoofd Scheveningen will be implemented.