VolkerWessels Telecom in partnership with FIBERunlimited for trouble-free internet

More and more, connectivity is a primary necessity of life. A WiFi outage at home or at work can be quite challenging. VolkerWessels Telecom and FIBERunlimited have reached a partnership agreement aimed at guaranteeing a fast and future-proof on-premise internet connection for both private customers and businesses.


Technology based on POF and Pico WiFi

The technology used by FIBERunlimited for the on-premise network is based on Polymer Optical Fibre (POF). This optical (LED) technology provides a limitlessly powerful and reliable internet connection via both the network and WiFi. FIBERunlimited integrates WiFi access points in traditional wall sockets in every room. Based on Pico WiFi, these access points are connected to a cloud-based platform, allowing all connected devices to be managed and configured remotely.

Collaboration in various areas

VolkerWessels Telecom CEO Wido van de Mast: “An internet connection should not only operate smoothly as far as the meter cupboard. With FIBERunlimited we are providing a solution for optimum connectivity within the home or office building that is scalable and future-proof. This concept is consistent with our total connectivity ambition aimed at comfort and ease for everyone. In the coming period we are going to collaborate in various areas and together we will see to it that the internet connection is properly organised behind the front door as well.”

Mutually reinforcing

FIBERunlimited CEO Steven Bleker: “VolkerWessels Telecom supplies the infrastructure as far as the front door; we provide a properly functioning on-premise network. We are going to train VolkerWessels Telecom engineers to do the installation work and together we are developing a management environment in which the integration of the product with other IoT devices takes centre stage. This mutually reinforcing partnership will bring benefits for both our customers and our suppliers.”