VolkerWessels launches apprenticeship company: VolkerWessels Inclusief

VolkerWessels has recently launched VolkerWessels Inclusief, a learning and working company that offers people who just need a little extra help an opportunity to secure a place in the labour market. Via a paid apprenticeship, new employees are trained over a period of two years for a position in construction, infrastructure, telecommunications or energy, with a subsequent contract within VolkerWessels as the ultimate goal.

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VolkerWessels Inclusief is specially intended for people who would like to work, but who do not have the right starting qualifications. For example, people with a technical background who want to undergo further training to be able to take up a position at VolkerWessels as a carpenter or BIM modeler, or people who want to transfer from another profession because they are interested in construction, infrastructure, telecom or energy. VolkerWessels Inclusief will further formalize VolkerWessels' already existing learning-working paths and we expect to be able to help a larger number of people find a job.

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Paid work and learning

The new employees learn the job on the shop floor, under the supervision of an experienced colleague. This is a paid learning-working path, in which they work 32 hours a week at a VolkerWessels company and follow an 8-hour training course. The program generally lasts about two years and is organized in close cooperation with the VolkerWessels Vakschool and VolkerWessels Academy. If it turns out that both sides are happy, the possibility of a follow-up contract at a VolkerWessels company will be examined.

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Work is the key

Annette Pasveer, Director of VolkerWessels Inclusief: "With VolkerWessels Inclusief we are training new professionals who will enable us to meet the construction challenges of the future. At the same time we are working towards our target of having almost two employees with a disadvantage on the labour market for every 100 colleagues by 2025.

But at least as important is that we can offer people a paid job that gives them the opportunity to be meaningful and earn their living independently. Having a job stimulates your personal development, ensures that you 'belong' and contributes to the quality of your life. At VolkerWessels, working and learning always go hand in hand, it's great that we can now apply this philosophy even more effectively for this group."