VolkerWessels Cycling Team presents team for 2021

The VolkerWessels Cycling Team (VWCT) presented its cycling team for the coming season to the press and sponsors on Tuesday 16 March. From the Herman Wessels room in the Parkgebouw in Rijssen, a 'coronaproof' live broadcast was made that could be followed online.

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Of course, the team paused to reflect on the strange 2020 season. Because of the coronavirus, many races were cancelled. Still, the VWCT was strongly represented from the start of the season. With four victories in 2020, compared to the small number of races, the team had a strong season.

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Season 2021

The start of the season is uncertain at the moment. Races may be cancelled or postponed until later in the year. In the broadcast, team manager Dinand van den Berg, sports director Allard Engels and riders Roel van Sintmaartensdijk and Coen Vermeltfoort looked at the 2021 season. How do the riders stay fit and what are they working towards now that the start of the season is uncertain?

"It is difficult to set goals and that is challenging now. So far it has been good to maintain motivation and basic fitness. When you know when the races come, it's easier to get up to speed," Coen said.

Roel van Sintmaartensdijk regularly trains with his brother Daan: "The motivation is great to take a step up. With my brother there is no doubt to train, this is what I prefer to do."

Sponsors are also an important factor at this time. After a coronaproof change, the sponsors Inge Wessels (VolkerWessels), Frank Heidanus (Voskamp) and Anja Viscaal (WEVI) took their seats with presenter Marijn de Vries.


The cycling team grew from a cycling club (2017) to a UCI Continental Team (2020). With this growth, the team does not only consist of a strong block of riders, but also a growing coaching staff. In addition to the core of soigneurs and mechanics, the team has been strengthened on a commercial and managerial level with Marnix Drysdale. The team can look to the future with confidence.

As a dot on the horizon, the team wants to become Pro-Continental in the future. "We have been able to increase the budget thanks to all the sponsors. It doesn't have to be in 2022 or 2023 already, but we keep looking at 'the dot' to become Pro-Continental," Dinand van den Berg said.