UNSense and VolkerWessels to flesh out plans for adaptive neighbourhood at Brainport Smart District in Helmond

The Brainport Smart District foundation has officially started fleshing out the plans presented by UNSense for an adaptive neighbourhood consisting of 100 homes in the Brandevoort neighbourhood in the Dutch city of Helmond. VolkerWessels is partnering with UNSense on the development and construction of the 100-homes project. VolkerWessels companies SDK Vastgoed and VolkerWessels Telecom are going to develop and build the 100 homes and underlying energy, telecoms, water and sewage infrastructure. Furthermore VolkerWessels Telecom is a partner in the development of an urban data platform.

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Feasibility test

A smart neighbourhood with 100 houses is being erected at Brainport Smart District, along with an urban data platform based on which services will be developed in the field of living, energy, mobility and health that will make life in the neighbourhood more sustainable and increase the well-being of its residents. At the request of the Brainport Smart District foundation, UNSense and VolkerWessels performed a test in the past few months to determine the project’s financial, technological and legal feasibility. The findings of this test were positive.

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Smartest neighbourhood in the world

The findings of the feasibility test were recently approved by the Brainport Smart District foundation, marking the official launch of the further realisation of the project. The 100-homes project is part of UNStudio’s masterplan to make Brandevoort the ‘smartest neighbourhood in the world’ measuring 150 hectares with 1,500 permanent and 500 temporary dwellings, green space and a business area measuring 12 hectares. The project will use the latest technologies and insights to create a sustainable, energy-neutral, circular and social neighbourhood where the residents play an active role in its development.

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Quality of life

VolkerWessels believes in a living environment focused on a high quality of life. As a construction group VolkerWessels can make a positive contribution by developing solutions for urban challenges, such as circular living concepts, energy-neutral infrastructure or improving the air quality in buildings based on data. VolkerWessels’s goal is to learn and develop in an innovative way, and in doing so make a positive contribution to the quality of life both now and in the future. The 100-homes project at Brainport Smart District is a perfect fit with this objective.

Images: UNSense

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