On time and within budget: line 25 is there!

With the symbolic switching on of a light switch and a spectacular light show, the renewed Amstelveen Line (line 25) was inaugurated on Sunday afternoon, together with the brand new 15G trams. The conversion of the Amstelveen Line was completed on time and within budget. A great achievement. VITAL, consisting of VolkerWessels companies Van Hattum and Blankevoort, VolkerRail and KWS, is the main contractor for this project.

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Cees de Wijs, CEO VolkerWessels Infrastructure

"A large inner-city infrastructure project like this has a major impact on local residents and users of the line. We are proud that we were able to complete this work in close cooperation with the Amsterdam Transport Region and Metro and Tram on schedule and within budget, while minimising the inconvenience. Doing business together from strength is our motto and we have shown it here.”


Reliable, fast, safe and comfortable tram connection

The conversion of the Amstelveen Line included the renewal of the infrastructure, the construction of three fly-over junctions and an assembly area in Amstelveen and the realisation of fifteen new stops; with the aim of realising a reliable, fast, safe and comfortable tram connection. The construction work was carried out by VITAL, the main contractor, in just under two years. One of the main highlights was the gigantic six-week summer operation in 2019, involving the construction of two level crossings and the demolition and rebuilding of fifteen stops in busy urban areas.

Remaining works

Now that the line has been opened, this does not mean that all the work on the project has been completed. For example, in the new year, VITAL will be refurbishing the underpasses at a number of stops. Some other remaining points will also be resolved, such as the relocation of the travel information signs at the stops. These will be repositioned to make them more visible. In addition, the Amstelveen local authority is working on restoring the greenery and adjustments are being made to the roundabouts at the level crossings in order to improve road safety for cyclists. The municipality of Amstelveen will also look at how the quality of all intermediate cycle paths along the Beneluxbaan can be improved.