Superior agreement for Zaandriehoek signed

  Development combination Zaandriehoek, consisting of Kondor Wessels Vastgoed, KondorWessels Projecten (both VolkerWessels companies) and Dreef Beheer, signed on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 together with alderman Jeroen Schalkwijk of the municipality of Wormerland the anterior agreement for the development of Zaandriehoek. With the signing of the anterior agreement the development has come another step closer.

Zaandriehoek-ondertekening anterieure overeenkomst2.JPG

Connection to the immediate surroundings and diverse housing supply

The agreement states that the new residential district in Wormer will offer more than 220 homes for sale and rent in the social, medium and higher segments. The diverse range of housing varies from small apartments for starters to larger luxury apartments in warehouses and houses with ground-level access in the middle of the area along the green axis. There will also be approximately 400 m² of commercial space along the Zaan, which has not yet been developed.

Previously, awg architects from Antwerp had drawn up an urban design which harmonised with the immediate surroundings and enhanced the existing qualities in the area by taking account of the warehouses along the Zaan, amongst other things. Views of the Zaan will be preserved and the green axis which will be realized in the area will offer extra space for playing facilities. The urban design provides space for several car-free sections to increase the quality of living and accommodation.


The municipality of Wormerland is enthusiastic about the development partly because the current plans of development combination Zaandriehoek fit within the ambition of the municipality to realize more housing for various target groups. Councilman Jeroen Schalkwijk: "A great result has been achieved, which means that more than 220 homes can now be built in the Zaandriehoek. This is an increase of no less than 2.5% on the total number of homes in Wormerland. In the entire project, no less than 30% of the homes are for social incomes." The approach of the development consortium is to develop an attractive residential environment that offers space for a variety of target groups which will ensure a good flow within the current housing market.


Elaboration of plan

Now that the development consortium Zaandriehoek has been established and the anterior agreement with the municipality of Wormerland has been signed, the architects will be selected and the further elaboration of the plan will be given substance. The urban design is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2022. It is expected that the area will be realized in phases and the sale of the first phase will start in mid 2023.