Start online sale of 42 sustainable apartments M'DAM

Apartment building in Monnickendam one of the most circular residential buildings in the Netherlands On Wednesday 17 June 2020, developer Selfmade Living will start the online sale of 42 sustainable apartments M'DAM on the Pierebaan in Monnickendam. The unique apartment building will be one of the most circular residential buildings in the Netherlands. For the construction, an innovative and high quality high-strength timber construction concept will be used.


M'DAM will be built on the site of the former Prof. Dr. Ph. Kohnstammschool. The U-shaped apartment complex will be constructed from solid wood. The facade consists partly of traditional brickwork. Ed de Weijer, director of Selfmade Living: "M'DAM has opted for a sustainable building system in its design. Wood is the only building material that stores CO2 and does not emit any emissions. This prefabricated timber construction concept reduces CO2 emissions and is therefore much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional building projects. By building with natural materials such as wood, you bring nature into your home, which ensures a healthy living climate. With the European climate targets in mind, we want to be at the forefront of innovative building together with the municipality of Waterland and Wooncompagnie, the future owner of 20 regulated rental apartments. M'DAM comprises a total of 62 apartments.”

For starters and newcomers

The online sale of M'DAM will start at noon on Wednesday 17 June. The offer consists of 21 regulated owner-occupied apartments of approximately 50 m2 with one bedroom, a garden, French balcony or balcony and 21 free sector owner-occupied apartments of approximately 78 and 100 m2 with two or three bedrooms and a balcony and/or deck garden. The apartments will be delivered with a complete bathroom. Through a special house finder on the website, interested parties can view the complete housing offer and register. The deadline for registration is 24 June 2020 at noon. The purchase prices vary from approximately € 160.775 to € 367.500 v.o.n. The construction of M'DAM is planned from the beginning of 2021.

Allocation criteria

The apartments will be offered in the first allocation round exclusively to persons with a connection to the municipality of Waterland (residents, persons with an economic or social connection and starters). Residents of the Monnickendam core will be given priority. The (joint) maximum income for the regulated owner-occupied apartments is set at € 49,000 (gross per year). The sales information and allocation criteria can be found at

All-electric and sustainable

The apartments will be delivered 'All-electric'. This means that the entire energy demand will be met electrically. An air-water heat pump will heat the apartments and a boiler will heat water. Solar panels will be used to generate as much energy as possible for the apartments - and where possible for the general facilities. The building also has a high insulation value. As a result, buyers can count on (very) low energy costs. Duurzaam Waterland offers residents who do not (or do not want to) own a car electric cars in the vicinity of the building. Because of the modern energy solutions in the building, it is interesting for buyers to ask mortgage providers about the possibilities of a green mortgage.