Schiedam signs contract with Ontwikkelcombinatie Schieveste

With the signing of the land allocation agreement by Mayor Lamers of Schiedam and the management of Ontwikkelcombinatie Schieveste (OCS), the starting signal for housing construction at Schieveste was given. On Wednesday 29 September 2021, the land allocation for building area A, on which the first 1,200 houses are planned, became a fact. Mayor Lamers also gave the CAS (Civiele Aannemerscombinatie Schieveste) the assignment to prepare the site for construction. At one of the most important public transport hubs in the southern Randstad region, a metropolitan city will emerge with approximately 3,000 homes for sale and rent, as well as commercial and social facilities. By offering the Ontwikkelcombinatie Schieveste the opportunity to realise around 3,000 homes here, Schiedam will be able to meet the challenge of urbanisation for the Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region.


Alderman Antoinette Laan for Housing

"Schieveste will be an excellent residential location with high-quality, climate-adaptive public space where it is pleasant to live. Schiedam is thus making a significant contribution to the municipal objectives and regional agreements in the fields of housing, accessibility and sustainability."

Social increase for Schiedam and its inhabitants

Mayor Cor Lamers points out the positive boost that the development at Schieveste will bring about. "This multifunctional residential environment also offers the prospect of a social increase for the city and its inhabitants."

In view of the housing development on Schieveste, Schiedam has received a contribution of € 18.05 million from the Ministry of the Interior's Housing Impulse. With this contribution, the municipality can take extra public measures such as noise measures along the track, a passage under the track in the extension of the Boerhaavelaan and an upgrade of the tunnel under the A20. Conditions include that at least 50% of the total housing stock must be affordable (social and medium-price). With the signing of the land contract for building area A, the Municipality of Schiedam can now set to work to meet the conditions attached by central government to the contribution from the Housing Impulse. The prognosis is that construction will start in September 2023.

"We are increasingly approaching the realisation of the market initiative plan of Ontwikkelcombinatie Schieveste. I am proud of this plan which has been developed in close cooperation with Kuiper Compagnons and Delva Landscape. In a relatively short period of time, there was intensive cooperation on the planning and the zoning plan”, says Guus de Groot (Board of Management OCS).

Contract with CAS

Last Wednesday, the municipality also signed a contract with the Civil Engineering Combination Schieveste, the CAS, consisting of Dura Vermeer and Van Kessel Sport en Cultuurtechniek, part of VolkerWessels. CAS will start preparing the site for construction in the near future, and will complete this in the first quarter of 2023.

"We are extremely proud to be contributing to this beautiful project together with Dura Vermeer. We have worked for the municipality in the past and are delighted to be able to settle here again soon", says Jaap Kamp, director of Van Kessel Sport en Cultuurtechniek.

Part of area development SchieDistrict

The new building on Schieveste forms part of the SchieDistrict area development, which includes a large area around Schiedam Central Station. Housing in Schieveste will help to strengthen the economic climate for establishing businesses in the nearby industrial areas. In addition, this new district forms a logical entrance to the historic centre of Schiedam and creates a link between the business parks on the one hand and the inner city on the other. SchieDistrict: everyone in Schiedam should be able to learn, work, live, reside and develop for a lifetime.