M.J. Oomen Moerdijk provides sustainable renovation Amersfoort sewer system

This week M.J. Oomen Moerdijk, the sewer specialist at KWS and part of VolkerWessels, will start renovating the sewer system in the municipality of Amersfoort. In total they will repair and renovate 10 kilometres of sewer pipes this year. M.J. Oomen Moerdijk was previously involved in the sewer inspections, digital reporting and sewer management advice for the municipality. This renovation job completes the sewer cycle in which all the expertise of M.J. Oomen Moerdijk comes together.

Relining Amersfoort 1 Landscape.jpg
Relining Amersfoort 1.jpg

Reduced CO₂ emissions and fast turnaround time

The work was awarded on the basis of an EMVI tender. "In the tender to renovate the sewer system, the municipality of Amersfoort set strict sustainability requirements. Requirements that are in line with our ideas and approach. We are therefore pleased that our plan came out on top," says Wesley Teunissen, project leader for sewer renovation at M.J. Oomen Moerdijk. "Old sewer pipes are often damaged or porous, for example by the ingrowing of tree roots. We install a new inner wall, so that the pipe can last another 50 years. This method is called relining'' says Wesley.

Because the concrete sewer pipes do not have to be replaced when relining, this results in considerable environmental gains. Another big advantage is that the street doesn't have to be broken open and therefore doesn't have to be paved again. Compared to the complete replacement of the sewers, the method saves on transport movements, material and the use of equipment. Local residents also experience only limited inconvenience as a result of the work. For the client, this method is also financially more attractive than full replacement.

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Closing the cycle

Amersfoort is not an unknown location for M.J. Oomen Moerdijk. Also in 2018 and 2019 they renovated large parts of the sewer. In addition, they have been carrying out sewer cleaning and inspection work since 2016. With the relining they complete the cycle of sewer management. A cycle for which our sewer specialist has all the expertise in-house.

This cycle starts with sewer inspection, in which the condition of the sewer is digitally mapped with razor-sharp video images. Subsequently, the advisors view the inspection images to classify them and determine the measures to be taken. Finally, it is the turn of the renovators, who professionally renovate the sewer. This extends the service life of the sewer system by at least 50 years.