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Main contract Schiphol and VolkerWessels Infrastructure extended
Main contract Schiphol and VolkerWessels Infrastructure extended

Last month, the official extension of the Main contract lot 2 'aircraft stands' between the combination VolkerInfra Schiphol, consisting of VolkerWessels Infra companies KWS and VolkerRail, was sealed with a corona-proof handshake. The combination has been carrying out maintenance under this contract for two years now, but has been working as a strategic partner for Schiphol for more than ten years. Besides maintenance, VolkerInfra Schiphol realises various projects to improve the infrastructure at the airport around the aircraft stands.

Manager cluster airside Schiphol Jorg van Beek: "With the VolkerInfra Schiphol combination, Schiphol has an experienced and skilled contractor on its side. We are looking forward to further strengthening the collaboration and to placing new accents. This special period in the aviation sector calls even more emphatically for smart solutions, flexibility and partnership. We confidently take on this challenge with VolkerInfra Schiphol."

Strategic partnership

The work consists of the management, maintenance and projects for the infrastructure and systems required to handle aircraft at Schiphol. In this way, Schiphol ensures optimal and efficient processes for the airlines using the airport. Examples of assets that VolkerInfra Schiphol works on are passenger bridges and aircraft stands.

The contract is aimed at a strategic partnership and is renewed on the basis of performance and a quality measurement of the work done over the past two years. This 'earns' you as a contractor the extension of the new three-year term. Project Manager VolkerInfra Schiphol Hans van Twisk: "This contract extension structure gives us the room, as a combination, to invest as much as possible in long-term solutions and to implement the sustainability vision of both Schiphol and KWS. In addition, it gives us even more focus on quality and on the promises made. I am proud of the trust placed in us by Schiphol and look forward to a continuation of our pleasant cooperation."

Sustainability and circularity

Major themes within the contract are sustainability and circularity, which are also top priorities for client Schiphol. In the past two years, the combination has already managed to achieve some nice milestones. One of these is the realisation of a circular parking facility for the crash tenders. By using various circular applications, a sustainable, economic and functional building has been realised with minimal maintenance costs.

In addition to realising circular projects, 99.85% of all waste is separated and reused by VolkerInfra Schiphol, the old asphalt is transported to the KWS asphalt plant for reuse and all the concrete is broken up on the adjoining site and reprocessed on site. Newly used materials will be labelled with the Madaster Material Passport.


Since the start of the current contract in April 2019, the combination has been working in a completely CO2-neutral manner by reducing its emissions as much as possible and compensating for the remaining emissions. Within the term of the entire nine-year contract, the aim is to halve nitrogen emissions. By taking these steps together with Schiphol, we are coming ever closer to our own sustainability mission: 100% circular infrastructure by 2040 and a maximum contribution to a better quality of life.

Group strenth

In addition to the combination partners KWS and VolkerRail, various KWS specialists are involved. Among others BKB Infra, Gebr. Van Kessel, Holland Scherm and Smits Neuchâtel Infrastructuur.

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