Loostad Vastgoedontwikkeling wins tender Homeruslaan residential tower in Almere

The municipality of Almere has awarded the tender for the residential tower on Homeruslaan in Almere Poort to developer Loostad Vastgoedontwikkeling (part of VolkerWessels). Approximately 90 apartments with a diversity of housing types will be built on this site.

20200408 Impressie bij persbericht Homerustoren Almere - Loostad.jpg

An exceptional building with character

The plan De Homerustoren was designed by Klunder Architecten in collaboration with Deltavormgroep Landschapsarchitecten. With contemporary architecture, expressive but subdued. The tower connects in a natural way to the public space of the adjacent central area. A slender tower with a high-quality all-sided playful appearance and an attractive expressive entrance, with important public functions such as meeting places and playgrounds. A building that fits in well spatially and that responds excellently to the adjacent central area, the city blocks and the surrounding buildings. There will be a path and entrance across the site to the park behind which residents and those living nearby can make use of. In this way a natural spatial relationship is created between the building and the park.

20200408 Impressie bij persbericht Homerustoren Almere groot - Loostad.jpg

Attention for the neighbourhood, people and animals

As a developer, Loostad sees it as its duty to contribute to a sustainable future. Homerustoren is a plan where sustainability is reflected in all facets, such as the use of sustainable materials, climate adaptation and biodiversity. The plan also pays a lot of attention to social sustainability and nature-inclusive building. For example, a collective water garden will be created where residents can meet each other. In addition, you will also find various plant species, bee hotels and hives. This will not only create a future-proof neighbourhood for people, but also for animals.