KWS delivers Schiphol Trade Park as the first business park in the world with Madaster Materials Passport

Schiphol Trade Park in Hoofddorp, a development of SADC, is the first business park in the world to be completed with a Madaster Materials Passport. Contractor KWS (part of VolkerWessels) took care of the complete construction of the infrastructure on the business park and thus also the registration with Madaster. Madaster director Martijn Oostenrijk and Frank Groot, director KWS Infra Amsterdam-Utrecht symbolically handed over the passport to Rob de Wit of the client SADC today.

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By delivering Schiphol Trade Park with a Madaster Materials Passport KWS facilitates the preservation of the value of the business park by transferring information to the future. The Madaster Materials Passport is a database in which the identity of a building, object or infrastructure work and the underlying materials are stored, with the aim of stimulating the careful use of raw materials and thus reducing waste and wastage.

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Circular examples

A good example of the circular products used, which can be found in the passport, are the biobased paving materials in which miscanthus (elephant grass) is incorporated and the 100% recycled asphalt, produced in KWS' HERA-System. In this way, KWS ensures that the business park is and will remain circular not only now, but also in the future. An excellent contribution to the sustainable ambitions of both KWS and SADC, which aims to make Schiphol Trade Park the most sustainable and innovative business park in Europe.

"Together with KWS and SADC, Madaster demonstrates that a materials passport for an entire business park is possible. A great result in which SADC as the client and KWS as the sustainable builder secure the materials in Schiphol Trade Park for future use. In addition to passports for buildings, this is a first step for Madaster to develop materials passports for infrastructure works. This beautiful project deserves a sequel to broader application," says director Martijn Oostenrijk of Madaster.

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Madaster Materials Passport

In addition to stimulating the (re)use of raw materials and reducing waste and wastage, the Madaster Materials Passport provides insight into the way in which materials have been processed, can be disassembled, what the market value and the future residual value is and the degree of circularity. With this information, the materials used at the end of the life of the building, object or infrastructure work and the products used can be more easily reused at a high quality.

Madaster is a public platform for the entire real estate world. This gives everyone the opportunity to make use of it so that together materials can be reused in a high quality and easy to maintain. KWS and SADC see Madaster as a valuable link in working towards a future-proof and circular society. KWS now works with the Madaster Materials Passport for many projects.