Kabeldistrict starts transformation Schieoevers in Delft

DELFT - On Friday 10 July the anterior agreement was signed for the development of the new Delft city district the Kabeldistrict, part of the transformation area Schieoevers Noord. Alderman Stephan Brandligt (municipality of Delft), Heleen Aarts (Amvest) and Willem Gaymans (Kondor Wessels Vastgoed, part of VolkerWessels) signed the cooperation on site. Plans have been made for approximately 3,200 homes and 1,250 extra jobs in the 12-hectare area. This will give an important impulse to the housing and work task of the Municipality of Delft and the region. The realisation of the first building site is expected to start in 2022.

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"The signing of the anterior agreement is an important milestone. It is the start of the joint realisation of a new piece of climate adaptive and sustainable Delft. The modernisation of Schieoevers offers an excellent opportunity to grow into a new piece of city that is socially and culturally diverse. A piece of city that fits in with Delft's ambition to offer more living space combined with more jobs", explains area alderman Stephan Brandligt. "Despite the fact that the municipality of Delft has little or no land ownership in the area, we have nevertheless been able to make agreements that are fully in line with the framework set by the Schieoevers Noord Development Plan. This long-term cooperation is reflected in the agreements made". The signed agreement contains agreements about the objectives for the area, the possible programme to be realised and the procedure for the necessary zoning plan amendment. The agreements set clear frameworks, for example about the maximum programme, but are also flexible, for example about which programme will go where.

New urban district: the Kabeldistrict

The Kabeldistrict is being transformed into a lively, productive urban district where working, living, learning and making come together. Central to the plan is the former Dutch Cable Factory. The factory halls will partly be retained and, in combination with the new building, create a characteristic whole. In one of the halls of the 65,000 m2 complex, the KD Lab will be realised in the short term: a real 'maker's space' for the development and realisation of high-tech ideas from knowledge-intensive start-ups and scale-ups. The future Kabeldistrict will also retain space for knowledge-intensive, creative and craft businesses. Various (social) facilities will be complemented by a multifaceted housing supply. This will include owner-occupied homes, social housing and approximately 1,500 rental homes in the middle segment. These rental homes will be placed with investment funds of Amvest. The plans also pay attention to the deployment of smart and sustainable mobility. The aim is to move people and goods through the neighbourhood faster, cleaner and easier and to create car-free places. A green neighbourhood on the waterfront of the Schie, where it is nice to work and live.

"Amvest and Kondor Wessels Vastgoed have jointly formulated the ambition to transform the Kabeldistrict into a place where everyone feels at home. While preserving the history of the area. We are currently working on a plan of approach to involve residents and entrepreneurs in Delft in the development. With the development of the Kabeldistrict we are committing ourselves to the city for decades and we stand for making a link between working and living in this new district for Delft," says Heleen Aarts, CEO of Amvest, about the major transformation of the area.

Zoning plan Schieoevers Noord

The municipality has started preparations for the zoning plan for Schieoevers Noord. This zoning plan concerns the entire transformation area of Schieoevers Noord, of which Kabeldistrict is a part. The municipality is therefore also working together with Kondor Wessels Vastgoed and Amvest and other parties in the area. The zoning plan will be drawn up in accordance with the Spatial Planning Act and the Crisis and Recovery Act. The aim is to inform involved stakeholders after the summer about the continuation of the participation process, the development plans and the planning around the zoning plan.