JPO and municipality of Venlo to make plans for former auction site in Venlo-Zuid

Project developer JPO, the municipality of Venlo and other stakeholders are going to make plans for the redevelopment of the former auction site in Venlo-Zuid. This 7-hectare site is situated at a strategic location in the city, between high-quality facilities such as the VieCuri Medical Centre, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Gilde Opleidingen. JPO, owner of the former auction site and part of VolkerWessels, will take the lead in presenting an integral development vision for this area. The municipality attaches great value to the further strengthening of the so-called Central Area and welcomes the initiative of JPO.

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Multi helix

In the area, there is a clustering of care, knowledge, education and sports. By seeking the connection between these clusters, the government and the social field, a so-called 'multi helix' is created. Experience has shown that parties working together on the same theme benefit from being in close physical proximity to each other and being more open spatially. They can share facilities and amenities, work together to attract, bind and retain talent in healthcare and create a place for lifelong learning and greater visibility in society. This will facilitate chance encounters, create synergy and open exchange of knowledge.

In the established Framework Memorandum 2021, the Board of B&W has named the transformation of the former auction site as a priority. Important overarching themes such as mobility, greenery and climate adaptation will be included in the planning process.

Erwin Boom en Gard Stals op Veilingterrein Venlo.jpg
Left Erwin Boom, right Gard Stals

Erwin Boom, alderman for economics, labour market and higher education of Venlo: "The development of the former auction site is extremely important for Venlo. This site is centrally located in our municipality and this is the golden opportunity to prominently link the functions of education, care and sport. Old halls make way for innovation and knowledge sharing, where health will be the central theme. In this way, this sector in Venlo will be permanently anchored, which further strengthens our labour market."

Gard Stals, director of JPO: "We like to create living and working environments that arise from a vision that will make a difference for a long time. By developing a vision together, projects are created that connect. Places where people and health are central. This can only be achieved by daring to dream together. Together with important stakeholders in the area, Venlo municipality and JPO are going to work on the development of an integral vision for the entire area in which all this comes together.”

Ambition, timeline and appeal


JPO's ambition is to create a vibrant environment here with a mix of functions that will strengthen and connect the existing clusters of care, knowledge, education and sports. Cross-pollinations and interaction should create liveliness and dynamism with a whole new zest in this area. The landscaping will be focused on a green and healthy living environment.


JPO plans to complete the integral development vision in 2021. The actual realization will follow and will certainly take several years. In the meantime, JPO will open up part of the grounds with temporary spaces for pioneers. This has two advantages: it allows the area to come to life and it literally gives room for initiatives to grow.


We invite new initiators to join us. Several organizations with common interests have already shown interest. JPO calls on parties with ideas to join. They can send an email to