FSC Netherlands, Unie van Bosgroepen and VolkerWessels complete climate measures at the Meuleman country estate

On Friday 26 March, FSC Netherlands, Unie van Bosgroepen and VolkerWessels unveiled a climate board at the Meuleman country estate in Beuningen (Overijssel). The board describes the measures that have been taken in the forest in the context of climate-smart forest management and the expected impact of those measures. With the placement of the climate board, the measures on the estate have been completed. Of course, the locations in the forest will be monitored in the coming period.

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Klimaatbos onthulling.JPG

In recent years, forests in the Netherlands have suffered from increasing drought, additional (insect) pests and nitrogen precipitation. To make the forests more vital and prepare them for climate change, climate-adaptive measures are needed.

In September 2019, VolkerWessels entered into a partnership with FSC Netherlands and Unie van Bosgroepen to make three forests in the Netherlands climate-proof. Measures will be taken for forest and soil recovery and to increase biodiversity and CO2 storage. Landgoed Het Meuleman is the first forest where the measures have been completed.

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Examples of measures include promoting natural rejuvenation, underplanting with litter-improving tree species and planting species that are more resistant to climate change. In addition, a trial location was sprinkled with stone flour to stimulate soil life and ultimately reduce acidification of the soil. A total of 1,375 trees have been planted and 20 hectares of forest on the estate have been revitalised.

Apart from the climate sign at the entrance, a route through the forest has also been made visible. At various locations, there are small signs with QR codes so that walkers can read more about the measures taken locally. This information is also accessible via

Photo above left to right: Bram Hulshof, Pieter Scholten and Theun Scholten (Landgoed Het Meuleman); Dirk van Hout (VolkerWessels); Gerard Koopmans (Unie van Bosgroepen) and Annerieke Sleurink (FSC Netherlands).