First hydrogen car for Visser & Smit Hanab

One of VolkerWessels' objectives is to make its fleet sustainable. VolkerWessels company Visser & Smit Hanab (V&SH) is anticipating well to this. They received the first hydrogen car this week via WEVI, an independent mobility partner.

VSH - Waterstof tanken 4.JPG
VSH - Nexo aflevering.jpg

As V&SH is committed to the energy transition, it also wants to make its own energy consumption more sustainable and use as much clean energy as possible. Not only on projects, but also with their fleet. There are already a number of fully electric cars, but they have the disadvantage of having limited range. In addition, charging takes the necessary time if the car does not have a fast charging function. The first V&SH hydrogen car does not have this limitation. The Hyundai NEXO FCEV has a range of over 600 km and charging is just as fast as with normal refueling. Moreover, it is completely emission-free. This means that no harmful substances (CO2) are released while driving and the car only emits water.

Expansion of charging points and gas stations

In the Netherlands there is a limitation in charging points, but  the number will be expanded soon. There are currently four hydrogen filling stations in the following locations: Rhoon, Arnhem, Delfzijl and Helmond. This year a hydrogen filling station will also be opened in The Hague and plans are already in place for the construction of gas stations at eight other locations in the Netherlands.