First 100% electric asphalt spreader ready for production

The world's first 100% electric asphalt spreader is a fact. Currently, KWS, part of VolkerWessels Infrastructure, in close cooperation with UMS (developer), Dynapac (manufacturer) and Van der Spek (dealer), is realising the first production model. The advantages of the machine in the field of sustainability are great. There is no local emission of CO2 or fine dust and this contributes directly to the improvement of the living environment, wherever the machine is used. After a number of test projects this year, this spreading machine will be in full use in KWS projects in 2022.

20210720 elektrische asfaltspreider 010-022.jpg
20210720 elektrische asfaltspreider 002-022.jpg

The official introduction took place last Wednesday at the manufacturer UMS in Oss. The development of the first electric asphalt spreader was accelerated by the project Innovation Lane Kloosters A58, a project that Gebr. Van Kessel (part of VolkerWessels Infrastructure) performs on behalf of the Department of Public Works. The asphalt spreading machine will be tested on this project. There is great confidence in the future and great potential of the electric spreader. The first version is the blueprint of the production model that Dynapac will manufacture. 

Raymond van de Stadt (director KWS) "As a contractor for road construction projects, we had not previously developed an electric machine for processing asphalt. However, we have already taken an electric roller into use this year for compaction. Developing the spreader was a special project and a bold decision to develop an electric production model from a spreader. By combining knowledge and expertise with UMS, Van der Spek and Dynapac this is now a fact. It tastes like more and it fits with the sustainability ambitions of KWS.

Lars Kool (director UMS) "We think it is fantastic that KWS is a launching customer for this first electric asphalt spreader. There is great interest in electrification of this machine worldwide. The application and environmental factors are challenging but our expectations and ambitions are high. For the battery pack we use cells based on LFP chemistry without cobalt. These are safer, 100% recyclable and do not use scarce raw materials. All in all, a unique product."

Axel Mooren (Vice President Business Unit Pavers Dynapac) "We are very proud to participate in the electrification of our SD2500CS finishing machine, together with our customer KWS and our partners VDS and UMS.  This project fits perfectly in our strategic Z.ERA programme, in which we reduce emissions step by step for each of our products, without having to compromise on our performance."

Jan Nolles (Director Van der Spek) "With the development of this machine there is once again a broadening of the offer in emission free machines. A trend that Van der Spek gladly supports."