Festive start of construction of 136 new homes in Lloydkwartier Rotterdam

New residents Lloyd Yard set foot on their own shore for the first time   Construction of Lloyd Yard officially began in early November 2021. Lloyd Yard consists of 136 new-build homes and ten self-build plots. Silvie Bruijning of Kondor Wessels Vastgoed (VolkerWessels), alderman Bas Kurvers of the municipality of Rotterdam, Ivo Zweekhorst of Kroon & de Koning (VolkerWessels) and the three architects (Paul de Ruiter Architects, WE architects and ZUS) symbolically launched the construction together on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 in the presence of all parties involved and the future residents and self-builders.

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Lloyd Yard, located on the Lloyd Pier in Rotterdam, consists of six unique buildings, each with its own character. The design of Lloyd Yard translates the history of the Lloyd Pier and the quayside image of the past - large buildings and sheds with their own appearance and constantly changing in size and height - into a residential building that is distinguished by different styles and identities. Not a standard unit of form and function, but a playful combination of structures and materials that are inextricably linked.


The building has 83 owner-occupied units with housing types ranging from one and two-story apartments to four-story townhouses and penthouses. The homes range from approximately 94 sqm to approximately 171 sqm, with the possibility of an additional loft in some cases. On the Kratonkade side, 53 rental homes will be realized, including 30 mid-range homes. The diverse housing offer provides diversity in the future residents.


Alderman Bas Kurvers (Building and Housing): "Lloyd Yard shows a nice mix of different types of housing aimed at meeting through the communal courtyard. Both starters and families will find their new home on the Lloyd Pier. The building has an exciting architecture that builds on the beautiful port of Rotterdam. And with the Maas Window, there is a great view through to the Maas."

The design

Paul de Ruiter Architects and WE architects are responsible for the design of the six buildings. Bringing together different shapes and styles in one building gives Lloyd Yard a lively dynamic. The Maas Window, a large facade opening, attracts attention with a swing and expansive view of the Maas, and raises the question of what is going on behind it all. The Maas Window is not only accessible to residents, but also to the neighborhood and thus acquires a social recreational function in the Lloyd Quarter.


The wild and robust inner garden, the landscape aspects and the public elements, such as the gates and the footbridge, were designed by ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]. The design takes into account a green and healthy environment for all residents and users. In the collective roof garden above the Meuse window, residents can grow vegetables, fruits and herbs. Thanks to the unique collaboration between the three architects, all buildings have become one with the landscape.


Building consortium Kroon en de Koning and Boele & van Eesteren (both VolkerWessels) will be responsible for the realization of Lloyd Yard. The project is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2023.



Lloyd Yard is built for the future. This means that changing mobility is taken into account and the use of transport in the future is anticipated. For example, by providing shared cars and charging points for electric cars. A great deal of attention has also been paid to the circular use of materials and sustainability, so that the dwellings will be energy-neutral.

Lloyd Yard Docks

The design also includes space for ten self-build plots. Self-builders get the chance to realize their own dream home in Lloyd Yard where they are in control and make decisions about the design and construction of the home.