Construction of underwater bicycle parking in Amsterdam

Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam, Van Hattum en Blankevoort is building a bicycle parking for 4,000 bicycles in the centre of the capital. Project IJboulevard is located in the IJ behind Central Station. The bicycle parking is equipped with a collision protection against shipping traffic, whereby the roof of the bicycle parking will be set up as a pedestrian boulevard for the public.

IJboulevard_overview_ (c) VenhoevenCS.jpg
IJboulevard 1

VolkerWessels companies Volker Staal en Funderingen and VolkerWessels Infra Competence Centre collaborated on the tender for the IJboulevard project. Other VolkerWessels parties participating are: HOMIJ Technische Installaties and Van Kessel Sport en Cultuurtechniek. The design was taken care of by architectural firm Venhoeven CS and RHDHV contributed to the design of the collision protection.

IJboulevard 2

Hydraulic engineering project

IJboulevard is a hydraulic engineering project that is a perfect fit with Van Hattum en Blankevoort; a civil construction for the bicycle parking that will be pre-built at an external location and transported over the water to the project location. Here a freestanding collision protection will be realised in the water in front of the bicycle parking, which will protect the existing quay and the bicycle parking against possible collisions from shipping traffic on the IJ. The bicycle parking facility will be constructed with a suspended ceiling and technical installations, also for bicycle parking. By means of wayfinding technology, it will be possible to quickly park your bicycle and catch the train on time at the station. In this project we can make use of the experience we have gained with underground (bicycle) parking.

IJboulevard 3


The plan for IJboulevard is an integral design: future-proof, climate adaptive and nature-inclusive. With attention to the lowest possible energy consumption and built with as few materials as possible. The chosen materials are sustainable and recyclable as much as possible. The 'low tech' installation concept also forms an integral part of the design. The IJ is a valuable ecosystem. Various nature-inclusive measures have been included to preserve the flow of nature as much as possible and to promote it wherever possible.

IJboulevard 4

Extra space

With some interventions in the structural design, more space has been created than was requested. This space is used for a better flow and more overview. The entrance zone has been enlarged in surface area and has been given an extra high ceiling. The spacious and column-free design of the parking facility, combined with generous daylight and good visibility and the central position of the manager, give the visitor a safe feeling at any time of day.

IJboulevard_overview_ (c) VenhoevenCS.jpg

The pedestrian in the centre

One of the important ambitions was more space for the pedestrian. As sidewalks are used for multiple functions and the hustle and bustle in the city increases, space for pedestrians is not self-evident. The underground parking has been designed as an extension of the public space. Extra spacious stairwells with large glass surfaces already provide a view of the light and inviting parking facility from the boulevard.

A start has been made on the preliminary design of the bicycle parking facility. In the second half of this year the first preparatory work will take place before the start of the realisation in early 2021. The bicycle parking facility is scheduled to be put into use early 2023.