Construction of IJmuiden sea lock completed this summer!

In the coming months, OpenIJ (a partnership between VolkerWessels and BAM) will carry out the final activities in the construction of the IJmuiden sea lock. OpenIJ will then deliver the largest sea lock in the world to the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management and a test phase will start with the lock gates (number 3 on the photo). Tests with sea-going vessels will start in October.

OpenIJ laatste werkzaamheden.png
OpenIJ laatste werkzaamheden.png

New sea lock

In the coming period the final site development will take place (number 1 on the photo), the Sluis Zuid and Zuidersluiseiland unloading ramps will be completed (numbers 2 and 4 on the photo) and the site development south of the Noordersluis will be finished (number 5 on the photo).

Final site layout

All the lock plateaus of Zeesluis IJmuiden have now been asphalted and a start was made on the definitive site layout of both the public road and the lock plateaus (number 1 on the photo).

The plateaus will be given a nautical marking, both horizontally (on the lock plateaus) and vertically (on the lock wall). In the coming period the definitive signposting will also be placed, the verges will be neatly finished and all the roadworks will be done.

Completion of southern lock quay

The southernmost part of the sea lock is the southern quay (number 2 on the photo). This quay currently consists of a vertical sheet pile wall and will be completed with a cover sheet, a horizontal beam to cover the vertical sheet pile wall, in the coming period. This quay will be set up as a storage area for sea lock maintenance and will be the entrance to the Lock Operations Centre for the maintenance contractor.

Testing lock gates

In the coming period, OpenIJ will be busy testing the lock gates (number 3 on the photo). Both the lock gate on the canal side and the gate on the sea side will be tested in combination with the primary systems, such as the land and shipping traffic system. The land traffic system consists of the traffic control installation, barriers and land traffic signals. The vessel traffic system consists of, among others, the entry and exit signals. The test team is also busy testing the secondary systems, such as lighting, fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems, and burglar and access control.

Completion of Zuidersluiseiland embankment

OpenIJ is busy with the realisation of a new unloading quay on the Zuidersluiseiland (South lock island) adjacent to the Heida shed (number 4 on the photo). For this purpose, the island has been expanded and equipped with an unloading quay. This quay will also be used as a vehicle drop-off point. Work on the Zuidersluiseiland landing stage will be completed this summer.

Refurbishment of Noordersluis lock platform

The lock plateau south of the Noordersluis will be redesigned (number 5 on the photo). Here, the current paving will be partially removed and a grid gutter and new paving will be installed. The Vlettermen use this plateau 24/7 for mooring the ships.