BMB ontwikkeling and Reggeborgh Vastgoed sell Pontkade Phase 3 to Hines

Cooperation partners BMB ontwikkeling (part of VolkerWessels) and Reggeborgh Vastgoed (together Pontkade Ontwikkeling) have recently sold the new-build project Pontkade Phase 3 in Amsterdam to the European Core Fund of international real estate company Hines. The project comprises 208 apartments, 118 parking spaces, 1,600 m2 of office space and 800 m2 of commercial space. Pontkade is part of the NDSM-West area development in Amsterdam North. Kempen Corporate Finance advised Pontkade Ontwikkeling on the sale.

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Both the apartments and the office and commercial spaces in Pontkade Phase 3 will be offered in the rental segment. The project was designed by Moke Architects from Amsterdam. Kondor Wessels Amsterdam, in collaboration with IBB Kondor (both part of VolkerWessels) started construction in mid-February. Completion is planned for the end of 2022.

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Pontkade Ontwikkeling is responsible for the development of project Pontkade. The project has been developed in several phases and is adjacent to the NDSM ferry landing. Phases 1 and 2 were designed by Architecten Cie from Amsterdam and consist of 252 apartments, 187 parking spaces and 3,880 m2 of commercial space in the plinth. At the moment only a few penthouses and sky apartments are still available. Completion is planned for mid-2020. More information:

Pontkade FIII Gevel Zuid low res.jpg

The new Amsterdam

The NDSM site in Amsterdam North is undergoing a transformation from a former industrial port area into a modern place to live, work and recreate. In recent years, various new construction and transformation projects have been realised, such as the new head office of HEMA, educational institute ROC TOP, various business locations and residential buildings, a HEMA shop and catering facilities. The Amsterdam Marina has also been constructed. In the coming years, the total programme will be expanded to approximately 5,000 rental and owner-occupied homes, parking facilities, leisure functions, commercial spaces, (small) offices and shops. The future housing supply at the former NDSM shipyard will make an important contribution to the expansion of Amsterdam's total housing stock. The largest street art museum in the world (over 7,000 m2) will establish itself in the Lasloods (a national monument) from mid-2020. The new city district is expected to be completed around 2028.