This is also VolkerWessels vlog #28: Solar park De Wildert

In Dongen in the province of North Brabant, next to the Coca-Cola factories and glass manufacturer Ardagh, construction is underway on the De Wildert solar park: 38,000 solar panels that will generate around 20 GWh of green electricity a year, comparable to the annual energy consumption of 7,300 households. The 15.5 hectare solar park is being developed by Eneco and VolkerWessels.    

VolkerWessels_vlog_zonnepark de wildert_2.png

The construction of the park started this summer and the ambition is to have the park operational before the end of the year. A good moment for our vlogger Amber to take a look. In conversation with Amber, initiator Remko Overdam of VolkerWessels company KondorWessels Projecten explains that for the construction of the park a lot of expertise is used that is available within the group and Eneco. Visser & Smit Hanab, for example, provided the transformation stations and the connection to the energy network, while Gebr. Van Kessel is responsible for the construction of a 3.5-hectare ecological corridor. Eneco brought a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of realization and development of solar parks.


Once the solar park is operational, some of the green power generated will be purchased locally by the Coca-Cola factory next door and some by VolkerWessels.