Integrity is non-negotiable at VolkerWessels. Acting with integrity is essential in everything we do and yet it is a topic that requires constant attention. Three principles and schemes are focused on this: the VolkerWessels Code of Conduct, the Trust Line Scheme and the Guiding Principles for Commissioning Construction Companies.


Code of Conduct

How do we embed integrity into our day-to-day activities? The VolkerWessels Code of Conduct provides the answer. The Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behaviour at VolkerWessels and is aligned with the code of conduct of the Dutch confederation of construction companies (AVBB). The code plays a practical role in our day-to-day operations to ensure that everyone within the group adheres to the rules.

Trust Line Scheme

At VolkerWessels we aspire to an environment that is free of discrimination and illegal or unethical behaviour. Colleagues, clients, subcontractors and/or suppliers who nevertheless suspect any serious wrongdoing within our companies or the group can follow a special procedure to report the matter anonymously and without any consequences for their own position. The exact procedure and steps are set out in the full text of the Trust Line Scheme.

Guiding Principles for Commissioning Construction Companies

VolkerWessels and the six other largest construction companies in the Netherlands have drawn up a set of rules of conduct aimed at promoting professional, ethical, socially responsible and transparent behaviour in the construction sector. The objective is to make things clearer for all partners in the construction process.

Guiding Principles for Commissioning Construction Companies.