Core values

We develop, design, build, finance, manage and operate. The shared building blocks in all of these activities are safety, sustainability and integrity. These three core values help us shape our mission: building a better quality of life.

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Integrity is non-negotiable at VolkerWessels. Acting with integrity is essential in everything we do and yet it is a topic that requires constant attention. Three principles and schemes are focused on this: the VolkerWessels Code of Conduct, the whistleblower’s scheme and the Guiding Principles for Commissioning Construction Companies.



Building a better quality of life means building a more sustainable world. It goes without saying that we realise that our activities too have an impact on people, the environment and society. We communicate transparently about this impact in our Sustainability Report. At the same time we do our best to limit our negative impact on the living environment, or even turn it into a positive impact. Our efforts in this area are focused on three key topics: health, the natural environment and work & social enterprise activities. These are specific areas we can genuinely impact through our daily activities and projects.



Getting home safely at the end of the workday is a normal wish but unfortunately not always a given. Even with the necessary knowledge, personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety measures all in place, one small lapse in concentration can have huge implications. That is why at VolkerWessels we pay extra attention to awareness and behaviour. After all, safety is a way of working.